Rapid evolution, meant we needed to Rebrand

Since its launch in 2019 Talkout out has grown rapidly and evolved at pace. Initially starting out life as a Mental Health Training and Consultancy, the business diversified into the tech sector building an app for employee engagement and communication under the brand Talkout Tech. In August 2020 the business acquired a VR company called Virtual Reality Simulation Systems to bring immersive learning to the Talkout customer base and was branded as Talkout VR. In a short timeframe, Talkout had rapidly grown into a group of companies referred to as the TalkOut Group with separate websites for each proposition. Yet these separate entities didn’t represent our true offering or communicate the value we could deliver to our customers.

Time for change

At the start of 2021 we embarked on our rebrand. We decided to harmogionsie our offering in doing so we decided to remove ‘Group’ from the brand and simply call ourselves Talkout. This represented our evolution from three separate businesses to a single platform focused on rewiring organisational development and creating healthy connected workplaces.

The Talkout platform now comprises three complimentary products; Guides helping orgnisations prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of every employee through pragmatic training and practical advice. Paths, the always-on app that makes company wide communication a breeze and gives every employee a voice to share what’s happening outside or inside your organisation and Worlds which unlocks the potential of VR for all companies through a revolutionary new Virtual Reality as a service (VRaaS) model.

Clean, fresh and modern

We wanted the brand to feel fresh, modern and on par with other technology platforms as the business moves to a more software led offering. We chose to incorporate gradients in the Talkout logo to represent our dynamic approach and continual progression. We also wanted the logo to represent open and flowing communication as that’s a key component of great cultures and happy workforces which is why we incorporated the speech bubble to represent talking and interaction.

This glyph was also incorporated into all our product icons to keep this theme consistent throughout the entire platform while giving each product its own unique identity.

Guides Icon

Path Icons

Worlds Icon

We’re ready for the future

We’re excited as we embark onto the next stage of our evolution as we go from mental health training provider to technology company, creating a platform to help rewire organisational development, and provide our customers with cutting edge technology to transform the way they shape their culture, build connection and train their people to create happier, more connected workplaces.

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