Gartner - Employee Experience is more important than ever

Employees are pressed to bring their A-game every day, which can be difficult when they're not feeling engaged or inspired by the organization's goals and culture. This leads them down a path where it becomes difficult to decide whether working at your company feels worth all that effort and if they should even continue putting in time there when their experience is below their expectations.
Neil Stone

Employee expectations have fundamentally changed

Managing talent today presents fundamentally different challenges for organizations than in the past. Employees aren't contributing the same level of discretionary effort, have higher expectations for their work experience and are more vocal about workplace dissatisfaction.

Gartner surveyed 150 HR executives and 3,000 employees at all levels to understand their challenges and identify solutions that lead to effective outcomes of the modern employee experience.

Most modern companies recognise that they need to do more than just offer a paycheck.

They understand how important it can be for employees and their experience at work, so many organizations are making huge investments in order improve the way people interact with each other as well as themselves during onboarding processes or workplace redesigns; although these initiatives may not currently deliver substantial results when looking solely from an employee satisfaction standpoint the cost of doing nothing is simply too high!

Benefits of an Improved Employee Experience

When organizations improve the employee experience from an “average” employeerating to one rated as “fully satisfactory,” talent and business outcomes improvesignificantly. In fact, as it relates to talent outcomes, employees who are largely satisfied withtheir experience are 60% more likely to report high intent to stay at their currentorganization, 52% more likely to report high discretionary effort and 69% more likelyto be a high performer.[2]Our analysis also shows when organizations have a high level of employee experiencesatisfaction overall, they’re also more likely to realize better business outcomes.Organizations whose employees are largely satisfied with their experience are 48%more likely to meet organizational customer satisfaction goals, 89% more likely tomeet organizational innovation goals and 56% more likely to meet organizational reputation goals. Source: Gartner

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